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Also known as Clinical Pilates, our Studio Sessions offer an individualised program that can address any specific goal and is tailored to your movement and health needs. Our equipment corrects muscle imbalances that may be causing pain or dis-ease by allowing you to engage the appropriate muscles.



The Pilates Studio is perfectly suited to both pre and postnatal women. During pregnancy, the equipment helps guide you to maintain stability and alignment through the pelvis and back, reduce pain and achieve mobility safely.


Intro to Pilates Classes

Are you new to Pilates?
Never been on a Reformer?Apprehensive about returning to exercise?
This class is for you!



Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer Classes give you a unique full body conditioning workout using springs as assistance to move better and as resistance to feel the burn!

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Pilates Classes

Pilates Mat classes at Esprit are a fantastic way to achieve physical fitness and balanced muscle development and are very popular for overall body care and injury prevention.

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Barre Pilates Classes

Barre Attack is a low impact, high intensity full-body workout combining standing Pilates work, short cardio intervals and dance moves. The class is accessible for everybody and all levels of fitness.


Circuit Classes

Love Reformer? Our Studio Circuit classes allow you to experience ALL of the Pilates studio equipment including reformer, trapeze table, combo chair, high and low barrels and small apparatus  in a group class!

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Pregnancy-Friendly Classes

All of our group classes are Pregnancy-Friendly. Our experienced instructors offer the necessary modifications and small props to suit our prenatal clients and help them to focus on core stabilisation, pelvic floor strength and breathwork.



Mums & Bubs

Pilates is one of the safest and most effective ways to return to exercise and speed your recovery after pregnancy and childbirth. What better way than in a room of like-minded Mums?

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Our Kids’ Pilates class is taught by highly qualified Pilates instructors who are also experienced in teaching dance and fitness to children and have full Working With Children Checks.

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Esprit offers a unique form of Pilates based group training. We are committed to developing a relationship with you and take a holistic approach to helping you reach your goals, enhance your quality of life or simply get through the work day feeling a little less stressed and a little more lengthened. Please contact us to arrange an Esprit teacher to visit your workplace.



At Esprit we support families and know how hard it is for busy Mums and Dads to find much-needed ‘me’ time to focus on their health and wellbeing.

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Absolute Health & Wellbeing

Do you want to feel, think and live better every day? Our Naturopath can help turn this into reality. 


Pro-Form Physiotherapy

Pro-Form aims to provide a holistic approach to treatment, working with all areas of your  health to help you achieve your goals.


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