Our Studio Sessions offer an individualised program that can address any specific goal and is tailored to your movement and health needs. Our equipment corrects muscle imbalances that may be causing pain or dis-ease by allowing you to engage the appropriate muscles. It constantly challenges your stability to develop balance, coordination and strength.

We focus on developing your core musculature to strengthen your body from the inside out, and a healthy mobile spine to allow ease of movement and overall well being.

Flexibility will aid your range of motion through all joints. Breathing techniques help to calm and centre your mind. Together they lead to more efficient, comfortable performance of whatever activities your life requires!

Our regular clients range from surgery rehabilitation, chronic spinal conditions, pre and post-natal, to middle-aged non-exercisers, athletes and much in between! The state of the art equipment both assists and challenges your body and the individual attention offers an exercise form to perfectly correct and improve your body, mind, movement and health.

Allowing you to move through all natural ranges of motion, your sessions will use:

  • The Reformer.
  • The Trapeze Table.
  • The Combo Chair.
  • High and Low Barrels.
  • Mat Work.
  • Fitballs, Foam Rollers, Dura Discs and other Small Apparatus.

Our goal is to provide you a feel-good, enjoyable movement experience. We guarantee each Pilates session is a full body workout which flows beautifully and builds in intensity, leaving you feeling lighter, taller, stronger and happier!

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