Pilates Mat classes at Esprit are a fantastic way to achieve physical fitness and balanced muscle development and are very popular for overall body care and injury prevention.

Each class caters to a wide range of abilities and experience levels by offering various options to each exercise, and is suitable for beginners through to advanced movers and athletes. It is our goal to make our classes accessible and FUN for everyone!

Pilates is a full body integrative movement system designed to balance the body to perform its desired activities with maximum ability, joy and ease.

Our classes focus on:

  • Core strengthening.
  • Spinal mobility.
  • Joint stability.
  • Muscular balance and flexibility.
  • Fluidity of movement.
  • Breathing techniques.

Specialised Mat Classes include:

  • Beginner/Stretch
  • Advanced/Cardio 
  • Mums & Bubs
  • Mat with Props – incorporating therabands, blocks, rollers, tennis balls, fitballs and magic circles. 

Our classes are an amazing blend of physical challenge and centering relaxation. The social setting is lots of fun and you are guaranteed to finish feeling both refreshed and invigorated.

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